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Business Intelligence
Our mission is to act as a strategic business partner with our clients, delivering innovative IT solutions resulting in a more efficient and effective enterprise. By remaining focused on Business Intelligence Management solutions, Internext Technologies has acquired solid expertise and a track record of successful solutions for our customers. 
Data Warehousing
We have extensive experience in Datawarehousing, including NCR's Teradata, On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and other aspects in building and realizing business benefits from datawarehousing. Whether it is a terabyte sized datawarehouse, or developing queries from a Windows client, we can add value to your team.
The tools for building and deploying business systems are always changing, and most people don't have the time or inclination to keep up with it all. We're here to help you make the right choices when selecting hardware, software, and custom systems, with both the short term and long term in mind. If you've got a business problem that needs a creative technological solution, we'll help you find it.
In today’s realtime, internet based, highly networked computing environment, security is a key topic for all IT managers.  In addition to protecting the network from external security threats, such as hackers and intruders, there are expanding needs to establish the security authorization level (trusted, privileged) and access for each user in several areas of the IT infrastructure.  Security and access by user must be defined for each level of the IT operations, including security for data, the applications, and the network.  Our consultants are knowledgeable and able to establish security policies and recommendations relative to these various dimensions of the IT operations and to help identify any gaps that may be a risk.
Data Security
Businesses must implement log monitoring as well as data replication and email archival to meet regulations.  Some databases offer data encryption for additional protection.  Our professionals are versed in how to establish data security to meet these regulations.
Application and network Security
Businesses need to establish base-line levels of operation for applications and the network, and monitor systems for unusual levels of activity, typically with an IT management/network management software solution. Further, many businesses have implemented methods to detect malicious software and viruses.  Our consultants can team with your IT professionals to define appropriate controls.
Risk Assessment and Management
At Strategic IT Services, our consultants can work with you to evaluate your risk of non-compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, your exposure, and assist you in the development of appropriate plans to mitigate any risk and help you meet audit requirements.
Database Services
Small Business
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