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Today's dynamic business climate commands a workforce to know and do more. Improve the productivity and confidence of your employee. We provide On-site as well as online classes for various databases, Desktop Software, Networking and QA
On-site Training
On-site training is conducted by one or more Internext Trainers at your premises. Take advantage of the cost effective convenience of On-site training and you can get your team the training they need without requiring them to sacrifice project schedules or incur travel time and expense. Plus, our on-site training offers many benefits such as:
Customizable content
Offer your team a training curriculum that adheres to your corporate goals, technology environment, and business needs.
Small groups
  Focused training allows your team members to receive individual attention as well as ask plenty of questions. Class sizes can range from 6–20 people.
If you have six or more people to train, consider the advantages of On-site instruction.
Schedules for On-site training are customized to address specific requirements.
Webinar is short for Web based seminar. Webinar's are just like a conference room based seminar, however, participants view the presentation through their Web browser and listen to the audio through their telephone. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements the ability to give, receive and discuss information. We provide our trainings online too.
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Small Business
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